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Niue island declared as World's first 'Dark Sky Nation'

  • Today, Niue island declared as the World's first 'Dark Sky Nation' by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).
  • About Niue Island,
    Niue is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. Its total area is 261 sq km and the population is 1,600 (2016). It shares its boundaries with the northeast of New Zealand, east of Tonga, south of Samoa, and west of the Cook Islands.
    - Governor-General of Niue is Dame Patricia Reddy.
    - Capital - Alofi.
    - Official languages - English, Niuean.
    - Currency - New Zealand Dollar (NZD).
  • What is Dark Sky Place?
    Dark-Sky Places are spaces recognized for responsible lighting policies that keep the night-time environment naturally dark. Around the World, there are around 130 accredited dark sites.

Published On : 16 Mar 2020

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