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ONLINE NAIMISHA 2020 - Summer Art Program begins

  • The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi has launched the ONLINE NAIMISHA 2020 - Summer Art Program from 8th June to 3rd July 2020. It is an initiative to provide a chance to its participants to create and learn from practicing artists without compromising their health.
  • Highlights,
    - It will explore new areas and platforms to reach their audiences and organized many programs and exhibitions virtually.
    - It will also provide an opportunity to organize such programs digitally.
    In the ONLINE NAIMISHA 2020 program, four workshops will be organized entitled;
    1. Painting workshop,
    2. Sculpture workshop,
    3. Printmaking, and
    4. Indrajaal - The Magic of Art (Interdisciplinary creative workshop to understand Freedom).
  • And, these workshops will be organized in two groups;
    - Group 1: - 6 years to 15 years having the timings: 11 am to 11.35 am.
    - Group 2: 16 years and above with no closing limit having the timings: 4.00 pm to 4.35 pm.
  • The exhibition of selected artworks from the NAIMISHA 2020 Summer Art Program will be displayed virtually on SO-HAM the Cultural media platform of NGMA for public viewing soon.

Published On : 10 Jun 2020

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