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CBSE partnered with Facebook to launch Free Online Courses

  • CBSE has partnered with Facebook to launch a free and comprehensive online training program for teachers and students of its affiliated schools in the first phase from August to November 2020.
  • CBSE & Facebook - Free Online Course,
    - It will cover teacher training on augmented reality and student training on digital safety and online well- being.
    - It will be for three weeks in which 10,000 teachers will be trained on augmented reality while 10,000 students will be trained on digital safety and well-being.
    - The registration process for the training program will be held from 6th to 20th July.
    - The program for teachers will be launched on the 10th of August while the student's training will begin on 6th August.
    - The participants will also receive a joint e- certificate from CBSE and Facebook on successful completion of the course.
  • In the second phase, CBSE will introduce the training program on digital safety and augmented reality for 30,000 students in each category. Schools have to online nominate their teachers and students for the training programs.
    source: newsonair

Published On : 06 Jul 2020

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