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India will host the 2021 BRICS Games

  • India will be hosting the 2021 BRICS Games and may align it with Khelo India Games. It will be held at the same time and at the same venues as of Khelo India Games.
  • Due to this, players from various parts of the country who will gather for the Khelo India Games will have the benefit and great opportunity of witnessing the BRICS Games from close quarters.
  • Speaking on the occasion, the Union Sports minister said that, During Khelo India Youth Games 2021, we will invite BRICS member countries to showcase their traditional indigenous games during the inaugural or closing ceremony of Khelo India.
  • About BRICS,
    - BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa
    - BRICS HQ - Shanghai, China
    - President of BRICS - Marcos Prado Troyjo

Published On : 29 Aug 2020

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