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Ruhdaar - Low-cost ventilator developed by IIT Bombay

  • A team of students from IIT Bombay, NIT Srinagar, and IUST J&K has come up to solve the problem of ventilator requirements. The team has come up with a low-cost ventilator 'Ruhdaar' using locally available materials.
  • Ruhdaar - Low-cost ventilator,
    The prototype cost around Rs.10,000, which can get reduced during mass production and will meet the requirement to treat COVID-19, infected patients.
    It will provide necessary functionalities that can provide adequate breathing support necessary to save a life. The Ruhdaar ventilator can be used to control tidal volume, Breaths per Minute, and Inspiratory: Expiratory Ratio.

Published On : 27 Apr 2020

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